Hong Kong Meteorological Society


Established in 1988, Hong Kong Meteorological Society aims to

  • develop and disseminate knowledge of meteorology and related oceanic, hydrologic and geographic sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Meteorology")
  • promote and advance the professional application of Meteorology
  • encourage collaboration amongst Members of the Society, individuals, bodies both corporate and non-corporate who may share the Society's interest in Meteorology
  • promote among the public an understanding of weather and an appreciation of the value of Meteorology and its applications

Constitution of the Society

2014 version

Society Brouchure

English Version | Chinese Version

Chairman of the Society

Mr. Shun Chi Ming (2011-Present) Dr. Lam Ka Se (2009-2011)
Mr. Lam Chiu Ying (1998-2009) Dr. Johnny Chan (1995-1998)
 Dr. William Kyle (1991-1995) Mr. Patrick Sham (1989-1991)